Hydrocolon Therapy

Colonic irrigation using hydrocolon therapy can eliminate constipation and restore normal bowel function.

Colonic, Colonic Irrigation, High Colonics, Colonic Hydrotherapy, hydrocolon therapy, Colon Lavage, Enemas and Clysters…

All refer to different techniques and procedures for cleansing of the large intestine (colon) and sigmoid (lower bowel) of metabolic waste without the use of prescription medications or any other toxic agents.

If you wish to maintain good health for life, you may discover colonics, also called colon hydrotherapy or high colonics, to be greatly beneficial in the prevention, treatment and relief of many common health ailments.

Many doctors are now embracing colonic irrigation as an adjunct to their traditional medical treatments, or as part an overall regimen of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) designed to cleanse and detoxify their patient’s colon, liver, kidney and lymphatic systems.

Dr. Leonard Smith, MD, of Gainesville, Florida, a board certified general surgeon by the American College of Surgery, with 25 years practicing as a specialist in gastrointestinal surgery states, “If medical centers, hospitals, and clinics installed colon hydrotherapy departments, they would find such departments just as efficacious for patients as their present treatment areas which are devoted to physiotherapy.”

Colonics administered by a trained colonic therapists, using state-of-the-art colonic hydrotherapy equipment ensures maximum efficacy and safety, and is the perfect procedure to eliminate constipation, detoxify the major organs of elimination and restore normal bowel function.

Colon cleansing can also be greatly assisted by the use of herbal supplement colon cleansers. When used in combination with drinking lots of water, addition of colonic bacterial flora and fiber food supplements, you may achieve excellent cleansing benefits. But if your goal is a more thorough cleanse, as part of a general detoxification or wellness program, you will find scheduling a colonic, or series of colonics, highly beneficial and much easier when performed by a competent colon hydrotherapist.

Many medical professionals heartily endorse the use of alternative health therapies — including colonic irrigation — and they have incorporated these therapies as an integral part of their daily patient care and healing.

This fact remains… Colonic irrigation is an easy way to cleanse your colon, and whether you choose to use a home colonic (enema) kit, or you prefer the services of a professional colon hydrotherapist, using the latest state-of-the-art colon therapy equipment in a private health clinic… Your health will benefit.

Colon cleansing for women can be particularly advantageous to alleviate pre and post menstrual discomfort and pain. Men experiencing constipation and prostate problems, onset by excess pressure on the lower bowel, may also obtain significant relief from a series of colonic irrigations.

Cancer patients, experiencing increased toxic stress and constipation during chemotherapy and radiation treatment, can benefit from colonic hydrotherapy. Douglas Brodie, MD, of Reno, Nevada a practicing oncologist and homeopath observes, “I have found over the years that cancer patients who are not doing well usually are toxic and not being cleansed.” Any reduction of toxic stress on the major organs of elimination may aid in strengthening the immune system.

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