Photon Dome Therapy

Photon Dome Therapy

Photon Therapy is a form of treatment that has been independently studied for more than 40 years worldwide. Visible and infrared light have been shown to affect positive therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms on a cellular level. Photon Therapy promotes different levels of tissue healing and regeneration.

Pain and inflammation can arise in people as a result of disease-based conditions, physical trauma, work-related stresses, training, or other high performance activities. When looking for long-term solutions to these problems, many traditional western medical practitioners have been recommending the use of light energy therapy. Clinical tests have been conducted by NASA, Stanford University, and the Mayo Clinic, proving that light energy, or photon therapy, is able to help relieve pain and inflammation.

Light energy therapy stimulates the natural healing power of the cells in your body. Photon therapy is a simple, effective, non-pharmacological medical alternative to prescription medicine or invasive surgery. In many cases the management of acute or chronic injuries and post operative wounds now includes the use of photon therapy because it is quick, cost-effective, and easy to administer. Photon therapy is widely used in human medicine in many cosmetic applications.
Photon Dome therapy utilizes state-of-the-art technology, that can help provide a complete and lasting resolution of many health issues when coupled with a medical diagnosis.
The Photon Dome uses safe, super-luminous light emitting diodes (LED’s) to produce photons at different wavelengths in the near-infrared/visible red spectrums.
The FDA has approved this therapy as offering:

1) Increased local circulation (important for people with restricted circulation in the extremities)

2) Reduction of pain (neck, back, joint, etc.)

3) Improved range of motion

4)Muscle relaxation, offering decrease of tension and spasms

Watch a video about Photon Dome Therapy.  (Spanish with English subtitles)

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