Vega Testing

Vega Testing

The Vega Devices – diagnostic and therapy systems designed to facilitate Naturopaths. The Vega devices have been developed to assist practitioners of naturopathy in the diagnosis and treatment of their clients. The general assessment procedure consists of recording electrical parameters of the skin at harness points (based on EAV principles), and analysis of the results by the specific software systems. The Vega devices currently available are outlined below.

The Vega Test Expert is a self-contained computerized electro dermal screening (CEDS) instrument which can identify a wide range of nutritional and health issues and evaluates specific remedy requirements. The Vega Test can access 1400 digital test ampoules, measure amalgam/tooth voltage, assess the energy balance of body quadrants, energizer acupuncture points and produce magnetic strip treatment cards (SI cards). If you do not want to get involved with computers and can live with the limited number of digital tests and manual testing of remedies then the Vega Test Expert represents a good choice.

To perform an assessment with the Vega Test, the client is stimulated with energetic signature patterns stored in the system while a reading is taken with the probe. If a specific stimulus causes a deviation in the readings, there may be an ‘issue’ between the substance being tested and the subject.

The really powerful aspect of Vega testing is in the detective work that is possible following the identification of the relevant stress factors and the stressed organs in the patient’s body. This is done by a technique called filtering and it involves placing 2 or more test substances in the circuit with the patient at the same time. This enables a skilled tester to gather much more precise and useful information about the patient’s condition. This is not possible by a tester who is only testing for allergies, which in most cases are actually secondary symptoms to the primary stress factors and will only be resolved when the causal roots are removed from the patient’s . The filtering technique determine the relationships between the various indications, for example to find the most stressed organs, the key blocking factors to a person’s ability to apply their own immune system, the organs that are most affected by a chemical or heavy metal toxin or by electromagnetic stress, the origin of chain reactions that have occurred in the body, disturbed meridians, the precise location in the jaw of a root canal or a filling that is disturbing the whole body’s functioning,
the priorities and order of any treatment or medications that will be needed

The following test are performed:

  1. Food allergy testing: We test 90 common foods to see which ones may be disturbing your body and which ones are not. Patients consistently see clinical improvements when they eliminate or limit the foods that the Vega test identifies. Your naturopathic physician will coach you on what you CAN eat so that you can easily transition to the diet that is right for YOU.
  2. Organ Screen – we assess 67 different body parts on a three point scale: healthy, stressed, very stressed. The organ screen assesses organs such as the stomach, kidneys, lungs etc and other body parts like spinal segments, lymph nodes, eyes, diaphragm, adrenals and more. It is not a diagnostic test. Your naturopathic physician will use the results of this screen as clues to be investigated. Most times, patients report that the body parts that are flagged as stressed are the areas they are having trouble with. If new areas show up, it may give you and your doctor insight into your symptoms, or you both may decide to “watch and wait”.
  3. Intestinal Flora imbalance: One the keys to the healthy functioning of the body is the presence of adequate good bacteria in the lining of the intestine. If the good bacteria are not present then yeast (Candida albicans), fungus and other opportunistic organisms will colonize the intestine, creating problems. (See the Candida article for further reference). This test assesses the balance of intestinal flora and reports the degree of Candida yeast present on a scale from 0-10. Zero indicates a healthy balance of flora. Ten indicates a lack of good bacteria and an overgrowth of Candida and possibly other opportunistic organisms. If necessary, your naturopathic physician will discuss an intestinal cleansing program to reestablish the healthy bacterial flora. This test is included in the Food Allergy Profile.

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